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25 Mar 2021

Tea is my favourite breakfast in Hong Kong. When I was in Hong Kong, my favourite teahouse to go to in the morning was Er Yi Lou and the restaurant near our home. 

The day before I left Hong Kong, I went to Er Yi Lou for breakfast to remember how good it was, and four months later, when I returned home, I still went to Er Yi Lou for breakfast the next day. Although it is said to be a tea place, it also sells other things, and I almost always order a table full of dishes when each dish is served to my mouth. The simple yet gorgeous taste will make you marvel at the fact that this is the authentic taste of Hong Kong. Sometimes when I wake up on holiday and don't know what to eat, I just walk into the restaurant in my slippers the next minute. Although his dishes are a bit heavier on the salty side, a pot of pu-erh tea neutralises the salty taste and brings out the wonderful taste of the dishes.

super sandwich 早餐 This table also ordered snacks every time we had tea: fried pile, salted dumplings, pork knuckles with iced plum, pork ribs with drumstick and pepper, phoenix claws and shrimp dumplings were almost always my regular class. I don't often eat shrimp dumplings in Taiwan, I should say not often in Hong Kong style restaurants, I remember the first time I saw this dish in Hong Kong, I was already attracted by its appearance. The transparent outer pouch contained the pink inner filling, the pink tender looked so pretty, especially as the bread was my favourite shrimp, and after tasting it really didn't disappoint, delicious as I thought it would be.

Since then, the prawn dumplings have automatically become my must-order snack whenever I have tea. Later, I found that the price of this snack was always higher than other snacks. Perhaps the chef must be careful when making this dish and try hard to make a beautiful one. I order the salted dumplings almost every time I go to the teahouse. At first, when I heard his name, I thought it was just an ordinary dumpling to be fried. I had little expectation of the dish. After tasting it, I fell in love with his horse dumpling skin. He was more like a horse dumpling stuffed with meat and then deep fried. Amazingly, the skin was like Q when it got cold. He once ate three in one sitting.

super sandwich 早餐 The fried spring rolls contain prawns, minced meat and vegetables and, unlike the Taiwanese spring rolls, can be eaten with a little spicy soy sauce. The fried food is dipped in vinegar and is very refreshing, no, it's like eating a lot of fat. This dish was also one of the dishes on my à la carte menu. Two plates of different types of sausage mix. My favourite flavours were the prawn sausage mix and the fried sausage mix. Deep-fried sausage noodles are relatively rare, with only a few restaurants serving them, and the deep-fried patties retain their crunchy texture.

I also enjoyed the Hong Kong breakfast:McDonald's. I just wanted to taste the difference between McDonald's breakfast in Hong Kong and Taiwan Province. The breakfast set I ordered was called Hong Kong's "hot sweet cake" and it was not much different from the one in Taiwan. What's more special is that the ham and cheese is all powdered, which is the usual rice noodles with soup and ham and cheese we eat. At first I thought it was a bit strange because few people in Taiwan Province eat rice noodle soup, but I fell in love with it after the first bite. When I returned to Taiwan Province, I bought the rice noodle soup and cooked it myself, but I wouldn't have made it anyway. Let's just say it's a taste of Hong Kong. This soymilk shop went to Tseung Kwan O to manage an incident one day. It was exciting when I first entered. I haven't eaten Yonghe soymilk since I came to Hong Kong. Used to live in a soy milk and doughnut shop on Taiwan Provincial Lane. There was always a long queue when I passed by every morning. The food was delicious and the soya bean milk was delicious. Because it was in an alley, sometimes I always wanted to go to a restaurant further away for something fresh. I never thought there would be no soya milk shops on the streets after I came to Hong Kong. There are not as many shops selling siu mei dough sticks at just a few intersections as there are in Taiwan province.

After going into the society we ordered salted soybean milk, rice balls, doughnuts, this is my first time drinking salted soybean milk, in Taiwan problem so many years of development do not know why they China is never want to drink salted soybean milk. On the one hand is to see the soy milk with salt bar into a very like miso precipitation enterprise that can be a little disgusting. Another important aspect is mainly because the soymilk shop is always lost a sweet soymilk smell let people want to give him up are difficult, this time plucked up the courage of people came to the company exotic place Shanghai salted soymilk, unexpectedly they let people down, the taste has a kind of indescribable unpalatable, drink two mouthfuls on really can not move the spoon again, rice ball is also because do not know what should be this thing, his materials are the same with Taiwan region. Glutinous rice, meat floss, pickled vegetables and doughnuts, the whole thing doesn't seem to get along with each other (?) The dumplings are made from the same ingredients as in Taiwan.

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